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Welcome to Pen and Pauper, the business of beautiful letters and romantic flourishes from the hand and imagination of Angela Welch. Among the pages of this site you will see samples of her penmanship and the artistic flourishes which so define her work. 
Born and raised in her native Alabama, she brings that southern charm of grace and elegance to anything she pens whether it is a wedding invitation or an announcement that the baby has arrived!  She absolutely loves what she does because lettering has been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember. All lettering is hand drawn in her signature style of script and the off hand flourishes flow across the pages like feathers blowing in the wind. Together with the ability to paint and draw and her love of lettering, she also creates one of a kind hand painted aisle runners for weddings. These are true heirlooms to be treasured and handed down through the generations. Take a just won't believe the detail of her work.
 If you are in search of a wedding invitation design that will "take the breath" of the recipient and leave your guest with the impression that " this party cannot be missed" you have found the artist to design it for you!  She may be reached in her studio just about anytime and she will always be happy to talk with you about your project. Call 229-243-0045 or email: 
Her work is currently featured in Crane's Wedding Book at your favorite stationery store. Read about her in Crane's online blog:

And, after you have enjoyed looking at the site, leave her a message in the gracious now.......and she will "bless your heart" and be so grateful for your kind comments.
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